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D.O.: Vi de la Terra de Mallorca

Grape variety: 100% Callet

Alcoholic degree: 12,5%

Shelf life in years: 6-7

Production: 600 bottles 0.75 L


Rosé sparkling wine made with the Mallorcan variety Callet, according to the ancestral method.



Manual harvesting of own vineyards and selection in the winery of the grapes cluster by cluster. The Callet is gently pressed obtaining a very subtle color and pleasant aromas of fresh red fruit. It then begins fermentation in stainless steel tanks until the sugars decrease to about 20 g/L. It is then bottled to finish fermentation in the bottle and obtain the characteristic gas, due to the action of the yeasts.



Color: Light pink with orange hues. Clean and bright, with very fine bubbles.

Aroma: Soft aromas of fresh red fruit accompanied by hints of cream brioche due to aging with yeast.

Taste: Smooth, fresh, refreshing and with a very well-integrated fine bubble.

Pairing: Very versatile, not only with desserts but can accompany us throughout the meal.

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