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[blanc de noirs]

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D.O.: Vi de la Terra de Mallorca

Grape varieties: 100% Mantonegro

Alcoholic degree: 14%

Shelf life in years: 3-4

Production: 4.000 bottles 0.75 L


Young white wine, sweet and delicate aromas reminiscent of ripe white fruits and nuts, made exclusively with the Mallorcan variety Mantonegro.



Manual harvest from Mantonegro's own vineyards. Subsequent passage of the grapes through a selection table where a strict quality control is carried out and where the whitest grapes of this variety are selected. Gentle pressing of the clusters at low pressures in a pneumatic press to avoid oxidation and color transfer. Fermentation in ovoid tanks with micro-oxygenation at low temperatures of approximately 16°C for about 30 days to preserve the freshness of the varietal aromas. The Mantonegro gives the wine ripe aromas of white fruit, as well as great volume in the mouth.



Color: Golden yellow color. Clean and bright.

Aroma:  Aromas of white fruit such as pear and hints of pastries and nuts.

Taste: Very pleasant entry in the mouth that leads to a voluminous and lively palate. Delicate finish and a bitter point that makes it very gastronomic.

Pairing:  Ideal to enjoy with a good meal. White fish and rice or white meats.

Mantonegro Blanc
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