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Vermouth from Mallorca

Grape varieties: 100% Mantonegro

Alcoholic degree: 15%

Production: 1.000 bottles 0.75 L


This vermouth has a slightly more bitter taste along with Mallorcan characteristics.  It is created using the native Manto Negro grape sown by 7103 Petit Celler.  The grapes are macerated for months with 21 different botanicals selected by La Vermutera.



The wine is made with Mantonegro grapes from 7103's own vineyards.  After the first winter, the herbal formula of red vermouth is added, resulting in a vermouth base that will rest and refine for a few months, before being bottled.



Color: This vermouth has a beautiful dark mahogany colour.

Aroma: It is very expressive on the nose, with aromas of sweet spices where the cinnamon and cloves stand out.  It also has a raisin fruit background.

Taste: This vermouth is creamy and fresh on the palate, giving way to a finish with herbal hints of slightly bitter Mediterranean plants.

Pairing: Ideal to enjoy alone or with an aperitif on the terrace.

No Passis Pena
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