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D.O.: Vi de la Terra de Mallorca

Grape varieties: 100% Mantonegro

Alcoholic degree: 12%

Shelf life in years: 2-3

Production: 7.000 bottles 0.75 L


Young, fresh and balanced rosé with aromas of red fruit such as strawberry and soft lactic notes elaborated mainly with the Mallorcan variety Mantonegro.



Manual harvesting of own vines and selection in the winery of the grapes cluster by cluster, selecting the pinkest grapes of this variety. The Mantonegro is gently pressed to obtain a delicate color and pleasant aromas of fresh red fruit. It is then fermented in stainless steel tanks at 14-16°C for approximately 20 days.



Color: Very light rose gold color. Clean and bright.

Aroma: Soft aromatic notes of red fruit (redcurrant and raspberry) and cream caramel.

Taste:  Smooth, fresh, refreshing and sweet. Subtle persistence.

Pairing: Very versatile, appetizers, Mallorcan cuisine (tumbet, soups), pasta and rice dishes.

Medalla plata rosat mantonegro.png
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