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We are Pep and Sebastià,

the owners of 7103 Petit Celler, and we are very passionate about our profession.


We launched the winery in 2013 and within a few years of its creation we have established our own identity with one key goal: to use local varieties in our wines.

Trio 7103.jpeg


Our name 7103, is deeply connected with the island of Mallorca. The number 7103 represents the square metres of a 'Cuarterada' (this name is exclusive to Mallorca) and, so that it isn't forgotten, we have decided to incorporate it into our brand name.


The 7103 winery is a relatively young winery, but it has a deep-rooted winemaking tradition thanks to Sebastià's grandfather, who planted Mantonegro vines in Santa María del Camí more than 60 years ago. These vines are now the basis of many of our excellent wines. 


The terroir in the area is also perfect for producing the best wine.




Pollença *1987


Together with Sebastià I studied Agricultural Engineering in Mallorca and later graduated in Oenology in Tarragona. I have combined the production of 7103 wines with working in different wineries on the island, gaining experience and knowledge in the last years. Now I work full time at 7103 to obtain the best wines from the vines grown by Sebastià.

OVERCOME and RESPECT are my personal strengths.

Sebastià Ordines.jpg



Santa Maria del Camí *1989

I am an heir to a traditional farming family, who always managed the territory with respect, humility and generosity towards a natural environment that gave them their life. 

I have never considered doing anything other than working the land.

We believe that by cultivating indigenous varieties that are unique in the world, we are helping to maintain the history, the culture and the personality of an entire community.  Our job is to cultivate, maintain and pass on our work to the next generation, so that they will find it just as we found it.

We make unique, quality wines with our own grapes. 

We like innovation and we understand that with our wines we are representing an entire population within a bottle of wine.

Miguel Puigros.jpeg



Porto Christo *1969

I was gone from Mallorca for more than 20 years (with most of the time spent in Germany).

Most of my wine knowledge was gained in Germany, working for the largest wine group in the world for a few years. 

Whilst there, I worked my way up to sales director.

Then in 2001, I came back to Mallorca, where I helped set up two wine companies on behalf of the group.

2016 I met Pep and Sebastià. I noticed the huge potential of both and decided to join their business. It is a great honour for me to market their local product with passion and to make it known around the world.

Something unique about me, I would say, I am RESISTANT and OPTIMISTIC.

Jaume Sureda.png

Jaume Sureda


Porto Christo *1960

I am a lover of Mallorcan cuisine as well as wine. That's why I run my own Facebook page called "Mantonegro Lovers".
Since 1972 I dedicate my whole life to the hotel industry and gastronomy.
At the age of 20 I was already a head waiter in a hotel. Since then I have already worked in many hotels and restaurants as well as later managed my own hotel.
I have known Miguel since I was a child and since 2023 we have also come together professionally, sharing our passion for wine.

Honesty and ambition are particularly important to me.

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