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D.O.: Vi de la Terra de Mallorca

Grape varieties: Mantonegro and Callet

Alcoholic degree: 7%

Shelf life in years: 2-3

Production: 4.000 Bottles 0.75L


Premium sangria made with Mallorcan wine and oranges from Sóller.



From Mantonegro and Callet red wine from our own vineyards in Santa Maria del Camí and orange juice of the Canoneta de Sóller variety we elaborate this sangria. Natural spices such as cinnamon sticks, cardamom and whole cloves are added. After the right maceration, it is filtered and bottled preserving all its aroma and flavor. A great combination of two Mallorcan products.



Color: Intense rose with purple reflections. Clean and bright.

Aroma: Soft aromas of red fruit accompanied by hints of cinnamon, clove and cardamom.

Taste: Smooth, refreshing and with a pleasant reminiscence of squeezed oranges, with acidic touches typical of the wine.

Pairing: Very versatile, but ideal to start the meal or simply as an appetizer with potatoes and olives.

Sangria Mallorca
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